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Ballynahinch Methodist Church

You're really welcome to be part of church for all the family!


Dates and Times for Messy Church 2016-17 3pm - 5pm

11 September 2016
9 October 2016
6 November 2016
11 December 2016
8 January 2017
12 February 2017
12 March 2017
9 April 2016
Plus 'Zone Day' worship and BBQ in June!


Please remember, all children must be accompanied
by a responsible adult.


Messy Church in Ballynahinch - so what's it all about?


  • Messy Church is a monthly event for all the family.
  • From babies to toddlers, school aged children, parents, grand parents, aunties, uncles - Messy Church is a chance to come together and have some fun.
  • Each month we explore a story or theme from the Christian faith through creative crafts and activities which will take about an hour.
  • Next we get together, sing some songs and spend 10-15 mins looking at the theme and what we can learn from it.
  • By now the smell of cooking coming from the kitchen will have made us all hungry so its time to sit down and enjoy a meal followed by a scrummy dessert!
  • All this in just one fun packed afternoon and it’s free!
  • email messychurch@ballynahinchmethodist.org for further details.
  • Messy Church Logo Copyright Bible Reading Fellowship © 2013. See www.messychurch.org.uk