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Ballynahinch Methodist Church

Welcome to the Zone

The Zone takes place during Sunday morning worship. School age children join the main church service (at 11.00am) for the first 20 minutes or so. This part of the service is intended to be family-friendly in style. They will then leave the service and go to their groups according to age:

Mini Zone Logo
Kid Zone Logo
Y Zone Logo
The Mini Zone
School years 1 to 3
The Kid Zone
School years 4 -7
The Y Zone
School years 8 up


Parents with children less than 5 years old are also welcome to bring their children into the main service for the first section and then they are welcome to come to Micro-Zone as the other children leave.

All our Zone groups use materials which present the truth of the Bible in a fun and easy to understand way. We want to help children and young people to know Jesus as their friend and Lord, making good choices as they grow through life and share Jesus with the people they meet.

Occasionally we have All-Age Worship where the children stay with us in church throughout our time together and the whole service is structured to accommodate all age groups.

Many people have commented on the friendly and family atmosphere when worshipping with us - we hope you'll enjoy it too, and that you'll feel part of the family soon!