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Ballynahinch Methodist Church

Ballynahinch Methodist News


Have you got 2 to 3 hours each week to help a family with young children? Home-Start are recruiting volunteers who can offer practical help and support to families with young children.

Home-Start are starting a new 8 week Preparation Course beginning Thursday 19th April from 10.00am - 1.00pm

The course will take place in the Ballynahinch Office, for all volunteers in Down District- lifts can be arranged. Please phone Doreen on 44 615727 or Imelda on 07590849278 for an information pack

Home-Start welcomes volunteers of all ages and backgrounds who have parenting experience and offers support, friendship and practical help to parents with young children in local communities.

Posted by Admin in catagory Christian News 13/04/2012 07:15
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The Food Bank

Our Churches Together group are encouraging people to share with those who are struggling financially in our community by providing non-perishable food items for distribution to those most in need.

A list of suitable items is available in the church entrance hall. Please bring items to church and place them in the shopping trolley in the hallway.

Posted by Admin in catagory Christian News 02/01/2012 17:14
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