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Ballynahinch Methodist Church

Ballynahinch Methodist News

Friday Night Charity Coffee Night

Meets every Friday in No. 50 from 8pm

We are currently raising funds for 12 year old Cameron who has a DIPG brain Tumour. Sadly nothing is available on the NHS and he and his family have gone to Mexico for treatment. It costs aprox £30,000 per treatment. It is thought that Cameron will need 10 treatments. He has just had his 3rd and improvement has been seen which is encouraging.

So as well as supporting #cureforcam it gives us an opportunity to meet together for coffee and chat. It has been a time of great blessing and we would love to see you pop in for some buns and banter!

For more information contact Vikki McLoughlin

Posted by Admin in catagory Ballynahinch Methodist News 05/11/2017 21:26
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