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Ballynahinch Methodist Church

Details of our groups and clubs


Friday Night Charity Coffee Night

Meets every Friday in No. 50 from 8pm

We are currently raising funds for 12 year old Cameron who has a DIPG brain Tumour. Sadly nothing is available on the NHS and he and his family have gone to Mexico for treatment. It costs aprox £30,000 per treatment. It is thought that Cameron will need 10 treatments. He has just had his 3rd and improvement has been seen which is encouraging.

So as well as supporting #cureforcam it gives us an opportunity to meet together for coffee and chat. It has been a time of great blessing and we would love to see you pop in for some buns and banter!

For more information contact Vikki McLoughlin


House Groups

Meet every other week on Monday or Thursday, in three locations - see the calendar to confirm when and where. Being part of a House Group gives you the opportunity to meet in someone's home for a relaxed study of the Bible and mutual encouragement.

For more information contact: Alexa Brown


Tuesday @ 8 is designed with women's interests in mind...

The varied programme covers a range of topics and activities. Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month (surprisingly at 8.00pm) and all women are most welcome. A programme for the year is available.

For more information contact: Margaret Tate (Dromara)


Men Together

The newest addition to our range of gatherings, Men Together does exactly what it says on the tin. A programme of interesting and helpful meetings and outings help men to know each other and understand the world better.

For more information contact: Ned Tate

Friendship Club

The Friendship Club usually meets on the 3rd Friday of each month from 2.30pm to 4.00pm - see the Calendar to confirm - and has the more senior members of our church and community in mind. A varied programme is organised and we offer a warm welcome to come and be part of this time together. Transport can be arranged without difficulty if this would be of help.

For more information contact: Sheila McBrien

Youth Club

Youth Club is held in our church halls and basement Youth Room, on Saturday nights (as arranged) from 7.30pm - 10.00pm.

There is a chance to take part in sports, games and just to hang out with other young people from year 7 upwards. Older members are encouraged to take on a Junior Leadership role to develop life skills in a fun, caring environment. Youth Club/Y-Zone trips include a residential with the Surf Project, evening celebrations at Autumn Soul and more...

For more information contact: Tricia Crawford, Alan Davis



Young People gather at the same time as Sunday morning worship to explore the Christian faith together, as well as enjoying tasty treats and building friendship.

For more information contact: Roger Gordon, Julie Allen

Please also see information on Messy Church and The Zone! All dates for the 2017-18 year can be found on the Calendar page.